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  • American Express Lounge at... · Premier League Football... · National Theatre

  • American Express Card Members can enjoy access to some of the best Entertainment, Sport, Music events with American Express Experiences

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  • Events & Experiences. Events & Experiences. Frequently asked questions. What is American Express® Experiences? ​. Get an American Express Card. View Cards ...

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3. National Theatre: American Express® Experiences

National Theatre: American Express® Experiences

4. Entertainment | American Express

  • Enjoy access to memorable experiences and events often before anyone else. · SOMERSET HOUSE SUMMER SERIES WITH AMERICAN EXPRESS · Experience the US Open Tennis ...

  • Enjoy access to memorable experiences and events often before anyone else.

Entertainment | American Express

5. AMEX Advantage - The O2

  • American Express Advantage is a new premium experience at The O2 which gives you private access to premium seats with a great view of the stage. Your ticket ...

  • American Express Advantage is a new premium experience at The O2 which gives you private access to premium seats with a great view of the stage. Your ticket will provide fast–track entry to the venue, private access to your seats and access to an exclusive area in the American Express Lounge called The Gantry where you can enjoy all-inclusive food and drink before the show.

AMEX Advantage - The O2

6. You can now book American Express Platinum VIP events via a special app

  • Aug 5, 2021 · Very quietly, American Express has rolled out an app which allows American Express Platinum cardholders to book its special Platinum events.

  • Very quietly, American Express has rolled out an app which allows American Express Platinum cardholders to book its special Platinum events. This could be handy.

You can now book American Express Platinum VIP events via a special app

7. American Express Cardmembers - Gastronomous

  • For Amex Platinum cardmembers, we created a super-premium gastro-tourism experience which allows guests to experience two European cities in one weekend and ...

  • For Centurion Members, we curate exclusive events during existing event programmes and series such as London Restaurant Festival Summer and Autumn Edition and Chef’s Table which they have exclusive access...

American Express Cardmembers - Gastronomous

8. American Express - Facebook

  • American Express. 7986363 likes · 2888 talking about this. American Express provides inside access to news, exclusive Cardmember offers & experiences.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.


Is American Express hard to get accepted? ›

While some issuers offer cards designed for those with less-than-stellar credit scores, American Express does not offer any subprime or secured cards. In most cases, you need at least good credit to get approved for an American Express card, which FICO typically defines as a score of 670 or higher.

Is it worth getting an American Express card in UK? ›

New American Express or 'Amex' cardholders can get big intro bonuses, such as £100 in vouchers, and free airport lounge access. But once you've got your initial bonus (and importantly you're debt-free and pay off your card every month), there are lots of other ways to earn extra cashback, and boost your points.

Why do most places in UK not accept American Express? ›

The different fees often make or break a deal for a merchant. This is why many merchants, especially small businesses, don't accept American Express. American Express' interchange fee is just too high. Providers like Visa and Mastercard charge between 1.15% and 2.5%, while Amex charges merchants between 1.43% and 3.3%.

Why do people in the UK use American Express? ›

European Union (EU) regulations cap the amount that card brands can charge merchants, meaning there is less money to be spent rewarding consumers. American Express is the undisputed king of the U.K. rewards space, due to its exemption from the cap.

What are the hardest Amex cards to get approved for? ›

Why it's one of the hardest credit cards to get: The hardest credit card to get is the American Express Centurion Card. Known simply as the “Black Card,” you need an invitation to get Amex Centurion. And only the super rich and famous can expect to get the call, as...

What's the easiest Amex to get approved for? ›

The easiest Amex cards to get are ones with a lower minimum spending requirement for rewards, as well as a low annual fee or no annual fee. Examples include the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express and the American Express Cash Magnet Card.

Is it hard to use Amex in the UK? ›

Indeed, you can use an American Express card in the UK. While American Express cards are more commonly accepted in the US than in the UK, major retailers, restaurants, and grocery store chains in the UK do typically welcome them.

How do I get accepted for Amex UK? ›

Aged 18 or over.
  1. Have a current UK bank or building society account.
  2. Have a permanent UK home address.
  3. Have no history of bad debt. Some of our Cards may require different or additional criteria.

Can anyone get American Express card UK? ›

To apply for a personal Card in the UK you need to be: Aged 18 or over. Have a current UK bank or building society account.

Can I use my US Amex in UK? ›

Your Card will work across the globe wherever American Express is accepted, allowing you to make payments and withdraw cash while you travel. Just be aware of any additional fees .

Can I use American Express in Costco UK? ›

We welcome debit cards (UK Maestro, Visa Debit), all major credit cards (Mastercard, American Express and Visa), Apple Pay and PayPal online at

Can I transfer my US Amex to the UK? ›

If you are moving to another country and are a current American Express user, it is possible to transfer your account as well. It's mostly beneficial if you are moving to the U.S. in order to start building up your credit score and take advantage of the travel perks of U.S. credit cards.

Do pubs in London accept Amex? ›

More and more pubs are accepting credit cards but mostly Visa and Mastercard. Amex is less common but it's worth asking when you arrive. Very few places will not accept cards, although there are fewer that accept AMEX, the majdority will.

Why is American Express prestigious? ›

American Express credit cards also have an assortment of lucrative welcome offers, introductory 0% APR offers, and luxury travel benefits. As a result, American Express cards are often considered to be among the most prestigious credit cards on the market. Plus, they are designed for people with good credit or better.

Can I keep my Amex if I move to another country? ›

Your existing Cards are not impacted in any way. If you maintain accounts in multiple countries, please note you are responsible for all balances, fees and liabilities on open accounts.

What are the odds of getting an American Express card? ›

American Express approval odds are best for people with at least good credit (700+). Cardholders should also have enough annual income to pay the card's annual fee (if there is one) and the entire balance in full, when applicable. Minimal debt and steady employment are also important.

Can I get an Amex card with a 650 credit score? ›

Although American Express doesn't specify any minimum credit score requirements, you'll need good credit (or better) to qualify, which means a FICO score of at least 670. A premium Amex card — say, the American Express Gold Card — likely requires a “very good” FICO score, somewhere in the range of 740 and above.

Is Amex harder to get than visa? ›

It can be harder to qualify for an Amex card than a Visa card if you have poor credit.

How common is American Express accepted? ›

editorial guidelines here . American Express is currently accepted by 99% of U.S. merchants that accept credit cards, according to a 2022 issue of Nilson Report. However, if you're traveling abroad or shopping at a small business, your American Express card is less likely to be accepted than a Visa or Mastercard.


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